This paper begins by examining the Libertarian Party's Party's arguments regarding the victimless crime which, according to the Libertarians, include crimes such as prostitution, pornography and drug possession. The paper then examines the fallacies behind paper writer com the Party's reasoning and concludes by arguing that the blanket definition of "victimless crime" put forth by the Libertarian Party does not consider the detrimental effects so-called victimless crimes can have on individuals, their families and society at large.

From the Paper:

"In its National Platform, the Libertarian Party details its stand regarding crimes that have no victims. According to the Party, "only actions that infringe on the rights or damage the property of others" should be deemed crimes (National Platform of the Libertarian Party). Therefore, the Party studymoose.com argues that actions that are now classified as crimes, such as prostitution, pornography, drug use, suicide and gambling should be de-criminalized."