This paper presents an outline of certain events that have effected businesses and the economy in recent years. The first issue discussed is globalization which effects markets size and competition. The paper then looks at http://studymoose.com/freedom-writers-diary-movie-questions-essay is the recent set of corporate scandals including the Enron scandal. The writer then looks at the more academic paper ghost writer obvious issues of the September 11 terrorist attacks and the subsequent war in Iraq.

From the Paper:

"The second benefit businesses had hoped for in supporting the government's decision to go to war was increased stability in the region. As noted prior, globalization has extended many corporations into areas around the country. International companies are especially fearful of political instability. The hopes were that once the war was successful, a free and democratic Iraq would provide the stability desired for a healthy economy. ("Fork") This still has yet to be achieved. Insurgents and terrorists are playing havoc on Iraq's attempts at gaining a foothold on stabilizing, and until they are fully addressed, it will be a slow and painful process."